Manglish : Eyhh , what're you doing laa ? I thought you bawak phone to school
English : Hye , what are you doing ? I thought you bring your handphone to school

Manglish : I am studying. I'm not playing laa wehh. Like i main2 ka ?
English : I am studying and i don't look like i'm playing right ?

Manglish : How you got this book ?
English : How did you get this book ?

Manglish : Why should we pakai this baju ? So pelikk one
English : Why should we wear this kind of shirt ? It's weird though

Now you can see , i am obviously going to use manglish all the time. What about you doh ? But remember laa , you are not allowed to use manglish language dekat dalam exam okayy. Hancur kertas korg , failed. Im just telling you guys , it's better to get used with manglish language. It helps you to improve your own english. That's how i improve my english (:

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